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About the artist

Abstract Naive

Figures & Nudes



"Abstract" art by Finela Moore




"Cuban Music; African rhythm & Spanish guitar"


One canvas set on top of another.


The art of the abstract is for Moore a way to deal with the great concepts of "life / the world & everything" and simplification by a close focus on these aspects of life. 

 Just as a map makes sense of geography, the abstract makes sense of "life / the world & everything".  A concept (which is a unit of thought) is placed in a mostly 2-dimensional form, becoming part of the visual world.  Thought is given meaning in a visual way.  

It is the same as handwriting.

It is possible to decipher the symbols of Moore by a basic examination of her work.   But the key is always that it is simplified, and then drawn to the fullest examination in that simple form.  She likes to look at change, time and place, transitions.

The abstraction is a myopic study of the very very simple, like taking a magnifying glass and putting it up to a life concept and studying the concept for all of it's elements.  Psychology, engineering, science and religion.  Her abiding fascination is with edges:  the edge of life, the edge of death and everything that happens inbetween.  One colour set in a square in opposition to another colour is a perfect representation of the dynamics of the edge.  Edges can be fuzzy, clear-cut or downright messy. 

Examined closely, an edge can be put on a continuum.

Another abiding fascination of Moore's is the essential contradictions embedded in all aspects of life.  Like riding a bicycle, one corrects from left to right to stay upright.  All of "life / the world & everything" is a matter of finding a path that fits somehow between the opposing pull of contradictory forces.  This ties up with her fascination with edges. 



"Into Brown"

An abstract in four parts, each one 30 inches square.  Composed of undulating taupe and a warm ice blue


"Oppositional compliance"

An abstract in four parts, each one 30 inches square.  Composed of soft white, bright blood red and a transitional toning of taupe to red



Where to from here, as life presents two options.

size: 40inches square; mixed media on canvas; one small canvas set on top of the larger one




Understanding the abstract:

"It is in my abstracts that I most dwell on my questions to God.  A day at the easel is a day conversing with my Maker.  I ask Him about life, death and everything inbetween."

How to turn an abstract into a meditation:

Stare at the work, letting the mind wander to anything that is current in your life.  Let the shapes talk to you, about your situation & where you need to go from here.  Let the shapes and the colours transform into meaning for you.  In this way the abstract makes sense.

How to turn an abstract into a prayer:

As above, and ask for help.




"Portrait of a ballanced Man"

two canvas's set immediately adjacent, mixed media on canvas; size: 20" x 40"



"Tickle of my dreams"

An extremely subtle examination of the concept in white with a fine taupe rub-down

30" x 30";  one canvas set on top of another


"The Burning"

One canvas set on top of another

 mixed media on canvas





"Brown stack"




"Lest we forget"

A rare exploration of the brutality and conflict in war, a study of the darker side of us all




"Red square" displayed in Zohar, downtown at Mount Maunganui









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About the artist

Abstract Naive

Figures & Nudes



"Abstract Naive" work by Finela

Work on this section was completed between 2003 and 2005





"The moons rising on Mars"

A moment of fantasy





"Dance of the Triffids"


"Abstraction and Naivite"

Abstraction is where subject matter is transformed, usually simplified.  Only the essential shapes, textures, colours etc are used as elements to the artwork. 

Naive (pronounced Nigh eve) is innocent.  It applies to artwork of "unsophisticated" tribes and to children alike, rather like cartooning. 

There is a definite attempt to "do it like a child would do it." 

We sometimes overhear in galleries, "my kid could have done that!" 

However, if one really were to see what the child does, their work is usually very different to naive art that we find in galleries.  Child art lacks the finish, the careful planning, or the sophisticated subject matter.  Also, children's artwork is characterised by muddy colours all mixed.   

Naive art definitely attempts to capture some aspects of child art, but adds sophistication to the final product. 

Moore has always had a fascination with ethnic art and more recently, child art.  She has made some inroads into this field and intends to do more in the future.




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About the artist

Abstract Naive

Figures & Nudes




"Progression in p-minor"

"I was getting into the mindspace of "the child" and let my hand doodle freely, and noticed that my doodle looked like the letter "p".   As the orchestra playing in my head, I realised that the music was set in a new and unknown key, "p-minor".   This left me pondering......"

(2'x6') Mixed media on canvas 2003



One step to the moon.jpg (77667 bytes)

"One step to the Moon"
Mixed media

My Garden of Bliss.jpg (369856 bytes)

"The Kitchen Garden of Bliss"
(4 conjoined canvas' 14"x14") Mixed media on canvas

Memories Rediscovered One Domestic Day Near The Elm Tree.jpg (255571 bytes)

"Memories rediscovered one domestic day near the elm tree"

(two canvas', total size of 3'x4')  Mixed media on canvas 

EVER SO BOLD a painting for the current exhibition DOMESTIC BLISS.JPG (32920 bytes)

"Ever so bold"
Mixed media

Enough Sun.jpg (184860 bytes)

"Enough Sun"

(2'x4')  Mixed media on canvas


Tan & turquoise2.jpg (80495 bytes)

"Tan & turquoise composition 2"
(2'x3') Mixed media

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About the artist

Abstract Naive

Figures & Nudes



Three Wise Teacups.jpg (330977 bytes)

"Three Wise Teacups"
(2'x3') Mixed media on canvas

Sunrise & the playful inkpot.jpg (76433 bytes)

"Sunrise and The Playful Inkpot"
(3'x4')  Mixed media on canvas

life lost in chocolate.jpg (74940 bytes)

"My life lost in chocolate"
(2'x3')  Mixed media on canvas

Golden_earthfired.jpg (73797 bytes)

"Under a Broken Moon"
(2'x3') Mixed media on canvas

A_jar_coming_toghether (130525)

"Jar coming together 1"
(2'x3')  Mixed media on canvas

Abstract2.jpg (25801 bytes)

"Arrangement in earth tones"
(2'x3')  Mixed media on canvas

Standing in purple.jpg (116977 bytes)

"Standing in purple"
(2'x3')  Mixed media on canvas

AbCilltop1.jpg (74661 bytes)

"On the sill, 1 of 2"
(19"x24")  Mixed media on prepared particle board

Ab 3of3plant.jpg (92615 bytes)

"Standing up straight 3 of 3"
(12"x16")  Mixed media



AbPottedplant1.jpg (64422 bytes)

"Little pot plant"
(12"x16")  Mixed media on prepared particle board

Ab 2of3plant.jpg (94470 bytes)

"Standing up straight 2 of 3"
(12"x16")  Mixed media on prepared particle board

Abstract1.jpg (26428 bytes)

"Abstract Vessel"
(2'x3')  Mixed media on canvas





"A Scatterbrained Pot Takes to the Winds"
(2'x3') Mixed media on canvas

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